In November 2020, seeing the critical role that GP Practices were going to have in delivering COVID-19 vaccinations, we recognised that by being used in 98%+ of GP Practices, we were in a unique position to help, and we set out to build a vaccination booking solution in 4 weeks.

TLDR: A public progression framework, public salary bandings and dedicated pastorally focused weekly 121s with your line manager provide the foundation for how career development works for engineers at accuRx.

Hi, I’m Calum, one of the Engineering Managers at accuRx. …

On a fine Sunday evening back in July, Team accuRx typed “Holbrook” into their sat navs and just about made it onto the 19:35 London St Pancras train for our annual team retreat; a week of workshops, walking and wonderful food in the Peak District.

My colleague Jaf and I…

I’m a Product Engineer at accuRx. We build communication tools for healthcare such as Chain SMS which has been used to send texts to over 2 million patients.

As a company with much bigger ambitions than the current size of our team, we’ve needed to be pragmatic about how we’ve…

Calum Eadie

Engineering Manager at @accuRx, bringing patients and their healthcare teams together.

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